Welcome Students! Career Services here at Concord is so excited to work with you to leverage your degree into an amazing career. Studies show that those students who take advantage of their career center early on report greater satisfaction in their choice of profession. All undergraduate students, regardless of discipline or professional interests, have access to Career Services and all of its resources free of charge.

Our staff understand the career planning process and will work to support you around your schedule. We provide both in-person and virtual services, and can schedule appointments after normal business hours. Our expert staff are committed to sharing their expertise, advice, and encouragement with you. 

Getting Started

During your time at Concord, we encourage you to explore, learn, and grow your career! Career Services staff will always be available to support you every step of the way.


During your time at Concord, we encourage you to explore your interests, how you can pair them with majors, and the latest career trends! Our advisors can help you tailor your interests to viable careers while your pursue your degree.


On your educational journey, you will encounter amazing learning opportunities, courses, and professors that will further inspire and clarify your career path. Concord’s academic programs will give you the skills and knowledge you need for career success.


As you develop your skills and knowledge while cultivating and aligning your interests, you will have opportunities to apply and grow them through  internships and externships, research, attending career events, and joining professional organizations.

Personalized Career Counseling

Want help with your resume, prepping for an interview, networking, finding an internship, or just need some guidance on where to start? Career Services staff are available to assist students concerning all aspects of career development. One-on-one sessions can be scheduled by simply clicking below:

We know usual business hours might not work for all students, and we are happy to schedule sessions throughout the day.


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Career Service Hours

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