As a graduate student at Concord, we know time is of the essence. Career Services is here to help you navigate and balance academic, personal, and professional growth. All graduate students have access to Career Services free of charge.

Many resources and events created and curated by Career Services are designed with graduate students in mind to help you evaluate next steps in your professional career and develop strategies as you take them.

Personalized Career Counseling

Want help polishing your resume, evaluating lateral and advancement opportunities, leveraging your graduate education in salary negotiations, or just need some guidance on where to start? Career Services staff are available to assist students concerning all aspects of career development for graduate students. One-on-one sessions can be scheduled by simply clicking below:

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships (GA) positions are a terrific way to advance your skillsets and lower the costs of your education while earning your degree. GA positions are posted throughout the academic year and are embedded in departments across campus working alongside faculty and staff. GAs often have flexibility to create work projects aligned with their career goals.

Many GA positions come with a tuition waiver on top of regular compensation. GAs can work up to 20 hours per week in their positions. Interested graduate students apply for GA positions like a regular job. Open positions are posted on Handshake for student applications and usually require an interview.

Interested in a GA position? Career Services staff can help you identify GA opportunities. In addition, we’ll feature many GA positions here throughout the academic year.


Career Resources

Concord University has a rich tradition of research and scholarly inquiry. Students have the opportunity to engage in original research …

Career Interest Exploration

Not sure what career you want to pursue? Focus2 is a free resource designed to help you align your academic …

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